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Review - Yellowhammer Press

May 15, 2010


Ryan Galloway at Yellowhammer press posted a review of the film on the Yellowhammer blog.

He writes:

"Nothing seems forced or staged, likely because it doesn’t have to be. The Whites do well enough to unconsciously lampoon themselves, and that’s what ultimately makes this film a success.

The entire family is utterly unconscious of larger social norms and that gives them the freedom to break them often, mostly while drunk, high, or a combination of both. Though they’re keenly aware of their infamy in the county, they simply don’t care and will do whatever they choose, regardless of the consequences. That reckless carefree attitude is born from a shared fatalism; they all know they’re going nowhere but seem in an awful hurry to get there."

New York Magazine Interview

May 14, 2010


Julien Nitzberg and Johnny Knoxville reveal the truth behind filming the Wonderful Whites.

D. Ray

May 11, 2010


From the family album. D. Ray and Bertie. 1974

A Jesco Tattoo!

May 8, 2010

Director Interview w/ Julien Nitzberg

May 6, 2010

Review - Fire Dog Lake Blog

May 5, 2010

Lisa Derrick reviews the movie for Fire Dog Lake.

"As they present themselves with forthright pride and a perverse dignity and a who-gives-a-shit attitude, the Whites proudly raise their middle finger at the coalmines, authority and conformity. The Whites present a unique streak of the American spirit, one which might make some people shudder–and some in Boone County aren’t too thrilled about the Whites at all, viewing them as bad representatives of the area–but their strength, pride, loyalty, resilience, faith and love are virtues that shine through their tarnished lives."

Review - Cinema Blend

Find the Cinemablend review right here:

"The Whites are very screen-friendly subjects even if it's for the wrong reasons. Nitzberg manages to assemble the pieces in a respectable and entertaining manner without treating the family as though they're circus freaks or exploiting them and their unusual lifestyle. The time was taken to tell their story and to tell it right; the fact that that story can garner no true sympathy is out of his hands."

Review - New York Times

The New York Times Reviews the movie:

"It is hard to know just what to think of these people, whose unabashed recklessness might make you envious even as you shake your head in appalled amazement at their disregard for every conceivable societal norm. But one thing is certain, and is in a way the whole point of this fascinating and problematic documentary: The Whites don’t care what you or anyone else thinks of them."

Watching the Movie

April 27, 2010

We found this video of an outdoor screening of the movie. Anyone know what's going on here?

Review - Saving Country Music

April 25, 2010

Review at Saving Country Music.

"The trailer says this is a "Different Kind of Documentary," but one of the unexpected things about it was it's straightforwardness. There are many sensational things in the movie, but its not sensationalized. It is devoid of "tricks" that might put more butts in the seats, but might be dishonest to the timeline or disrespectful to the Whites. Not to say it is a bore, far from it. The makers understood that letting the story tell itself in the end would be more enlightening, entertaining, and impactful."

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