Jeff Tremaine

The story of executive producer Jeff Tremaine is sort of similar to that of Cinderella, that haggard little wench come celebrated toast of the town, but not really.

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Born a poor white military brat, Jeff was hustled from state to state until finally settling in the area of Rockville, Maryland. There he defied his parents on a regular basis, got into all sorts of ne’er-do-well activities such as skateboarding, BMX, reggae music, and art, and made the acquaintance of Adam Spiegel, a hyperactive little pipsqueak that puberty had somehow skipped over and left with an extremely high voice for an extremely long time.
After graduating from Washington University, Tremaine met up with his friend Adam, now more popularly known as Spike, who was working as a photographer for the BMX magazine Freestylin’. After a stint at for Freestylin’, Tremaine landed a job as the art/editorial director for Big Brother, a fledgling skateboard rag. His leadership took Big Brother to new and exciting levels of distribution, notoriety, and an all-encompassing sense of stupidity not normally tolerated in any industry (except Hollywood).
It’s no big secret what happened past this point in the life of Jeffrey James Tremaine. In addition to helming the Jackass franchise, Tremaine has served as Executive Producer and Co-Creator of MTV’s hit series’ Nitro Circus, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Wildboyz, and Rob & Big. He has directed music videos for “Turbonegro,” Andrew WK, and “The Sahara Hot Nights.” He currently oversees his empire in Los Angeles. 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the original Jackass movie. This October Jackass 3D will come to a theater near you.

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Jeff Tremaine