Storm Taylor

Storm is about what you'd expect from a person born and raised in a small town at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. The only exception is his die hard love and personal representation of the rural attributes that others may overlook in our modern day society.

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He adheres to the small town code that hard work and handshakes still mean something. Before attending the University of Tennessee, Storm befriended another Tennessean with the same outlaw spirit.....Johnny Knoxville. Storm had some small stints producing shows for MTV's Jackass and Wildboyz. After some overseas travel with the Jackass crew, Storm got the bug...the TV bug. He then combined redneck antics, festivals, and travel in Turner South's EMMY award winning reality show 'Yokel'. Since its initial airing, Storm has continued his passion with the creation of 'The Dirt Poor Comedy Tour'. Not since The Marshall Tucker Band toured with Lynyrd Skynyrd has there been so much anticipation for some true redneck representation. For now, he continues on down the highways and byways...stopping at Honky Tonks, resting at 'mom and pop' motels, and looking for some local moonshine along the way. Storm's relationship with Johnny Knoxville led to his introduction with Julien Nitzberg (producer for The Dancing Outlaw). Storm had been working with the White family over the course of a few years (and by working ... he means drinking, random acts of violence, lighting fires, shooting guns, and occasional mayhem). Storm and Julien decided to combine their efforts and travel to Boone County and filmed the basis for The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. After 2 years of filming/editing and almost 600 hours of footage, the film is now ready for the public to consume. Being described as 'provocatively disturbing' and a 'cinematic reach around', the film is sure to stir some emotion. Storm's companies (Son Of a Bob Productions and Monkey Function) continue working, and looking for the next amazing project. 

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